Why Austrian Government says Google Analytics is Illegal?

While the Austrian regulators ruled it against an unidentified website publishing company which Fortune acknowledges is currently owns a German media house-it rejects the portion of the GDPR only imposed legal obligations on the organizations trying to export the data.




What Should Your User Persona Description Include_

How To Create a Buyer Persona for The Japanese Market in Google Ads?

Do you know the customer buying needs and wants like your own? A buyer persona can help. As a social marketer, it’s easy to get lost in tracking engagement rates or campaigns when we have our audience’s best interests at heart.

How To Analyze Buyer Persona on Google Analytics?

A persona is an original character that represents a person with the characteristics of your target audience. These characteristics can include age, gender, religion, geographic location, and more.

SEO Audit Tools For Effective Website Analysis 2021

Auditing a website is not anything to be taken lightly. It needs a lot of time and effort to work day in and work day out. It necessitates a keen eye for detail because the auditor has to go through hundreds of pages.

Top Account-Based Marketing Pitfalls To Avoid

In its most basic form, ABM is a technique that guides marketing resources toward engaging a particular collection of target accounts. ABM doesn't only encourage alignment between sales and marketing teams; it forces it because personalization at the account level necessitates sales and marketing being on the same page for account-specific messaging.

Top 7 Seo Tips For WordPress 2021

Do you also experience that the speed at which SEO techniques are changing is on a constant incline? Well, if this is the case, then you are not alone. Google is constantly becoming smarter and more powerful in terms of evaluating and recognizing web pages and how effective it is at keeping users within its framework.

How Vital Are Core Web Vitals For Google Ranking?

Measuring Core Web Vitals is easy and quick with some of the handy tools in place! Google is continuously expanding the number of ways in which website owners can measure the Core Web Vitals for their website. By now, there are six ways in total that allow you to check the Core Web Vitals of your website.

Common SEO Mistakes; That Are Undermining Your Website

An SEO website audit is a solution to your problem. SEO audits will improve your site's search engine rankings, generating more sales, leads, and visitors. Don't know where to begin?