Ecommerce SEO for companies that start to digitalize their services


Curbside delivery, pickup, and e-commerce have become the new normal during this pandemic. It is mainly because the world is struggling to maintain social distancing. More and more consumers are now finding information about the ways businesses are handling current pandemic restrictions, evaluating buying operations, and more. 

Ultimately, E-commerce SEO can be the best way for companies to consider who is looking for effective ways to start digitization of their services.

Use SEO eCommerce tactics to drive more sales:

Here are the eCommerce SEO strategies to help you in digitalizing your services effectively. 

Keywords research:

E-commerce keywords research is one of the key strategies of SEO, so never skip this. Ensure to make this part right, otherwise:

  • You will target difficult to rank keywords and making it to the page one would become too difficult. 
  • Or you will get higher ranks for the keywords that are not getting a lot of traffic or not causing visitors to buy. 

Neither of the above-mentioned situations is ideal, so pay attention to e-commerce keywords research.  Ensure you have chosen easier to rank keywords with high conversion rate and decent search volume. 

Website architecture:

As e-commerce SEO is a holistic effort of all business pieces online including web design, marketing, social media and copywriting. Once you have gotten the right keywords to target now you have to put that info to action. 

Things will start from your site architecture. This will include setting up your page navigation, categories and subcategories pages, product pages. Reduce the number of times your visitors have to click to find their required information by managing an effective site structure. 

On-page Optimization:

On-page e-commerce is all about optimizing your keywords in the right places. It is an essential way to ensure the search engine knows what your page is all about. Here are the ways you can ensure an effective on-page optimization strategy:

  • Put the primary keywords in title heading 
  • Use keywords in image alt text 
  • Sprinkle your keywords throughout your text 
  • Don’t forget to add keywords in meta description 
  • Make your category and product pages optimized. 

Off-page optimization:

Your backlink profile is one of the most important aspects of off-page e-commerce SEO. Building a high-quality backlink profile is a time-consuming process but it plays a vital role in improving your SEO results. However, to make most out of your off-page optimization aka link building strategy, it is highly important to build high quality links. 

To get your site effective backlinks:

  • Promote your site content to bloggers in your niche. 
  • Create optimized and shareable content in your e-commerce blogs. 
  • Monitor your company’s mentions across different platforms and on social media too. 
  • Optimize My Google Business profile to let your prospects reach you with ease.

E-commerce industry is competitive mainly because the online shopping trend is growing faster than ever before. So, pay more attention to e-commerce SEO to grow.

 As of now it is easier to see that more and more consumers are going to buy from ecommerce stores. So, considering e-commerce can be the best way to digitalize your services. Spare your platform from competitors using the right e-commerce SEO tactics.