Google paid ads campaigns for e-commerce in Covid-19

With the impact of the present COVID-19 pandemic affecting almost every business all around the world, most e-commerce store owners are questioning why it is important to perform paid marketing at all. In a way, cutting Google paid ads cost makes sense but what about the instant relief these campaigns can offer your business? 

How to manage Google Paid Ads Campaigns for e-commerce during this pandemic?

Google Paid ads can be a better solution not only to survive the current COVID-19 pandemic but to grow in the aftermath too effectively. Fortunately, the recent trend in paid ads is becoming cheaper. 

Run an effective Google Ads campaign to make most out of it as below:

Calculate your Ads budget:

First and foremost, consider the type of ads you want to display for your business. After that, you have to estimate your ads budget to understand what you are willing to spend on a Google Ads campaign without any problem. 

Starting from low and then scaling your budget over time can be a better idea for you to consider. 

Keywords research is key:

One of the most important aspect of your Google Ads campaign is to find keywords you want to bid on. While choosing your e-commerce keywords to target in Google Ads, it is important to consider what most of the people are searching when seeking for products similar to yours. 

Make sure to check out the following things while choosing your Ads keywords:

  1. Relevancy 
  2. Search volume 
  3. Quality score 
  4. Difficulty score 
  5. PPC rate 

Ensure to choose as relevant keywords as possible. So, targeting them can let you appear in SERPs with ease. 

Ensure your landing pages are rocking:

One of the most important mistakes that most e-commerce stores make is directing the audience to their home page from the ads page. Keep in mind your e-commerce store’s home page is the most terrible place to direct your prospect. 

Your user is looking for your specific product or service, and by directing them to a home page filled with dozens of products you are just wasting their time. 

So, make sure to build targeted landing pages to capture your visitors’ attention. Your landing page has to be a single-purpose page which is addressing the query that your visitor has entered in Google. 

Test and Reset:

An ads marketing campaign’s work is never done. Once your ads are up and running it is important to monitor and adjust them over time. Try small variations and seek out what works the best for your e-commerce business. 

Make sure to connect your Google Ads account with Google analytics to track your progress in the best possible way. 


Avoid reducing your advertising activities during the present crisis. Get to know here how Google paid ads campaigns during covid 19 can let you stay in the minds of your prospects and reach a broader audience that will certainly help you to thrive in the future with ease.